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Whether you just bought your first vibrator or an experienced dildo user, learning how to properly maintain it is very important. Before playing solo and your partner, one of the main safety precautions you need to take is to clean sex toys.

Although it may not sound sexy, cleaning toys is essential.
You can even consider how to clean new toys before buying.

How often should I clean disposable toys?
After each use, there is no doubt. Fratz says that if you don't do this, the remaining bacteria will multiply. Since the genital tissue is sensitive (for those with vulva and vagina, it is very absorbent), so irregular cleaning of sex toys after each use may lead to yeast infections, urinary tract infections and bacterial vaginas Attack of inflammation.

Can I wash sex toys with soap and water?
All experts agree that most sex toys can be cleaned with mild antibacterial soap and warm water. (Be sure to wash them like your hands for at least 20 seconds! Remember to dry them with a clean towel.) Mintz recommends using it for electric or non-electric silicone, stainless steel or glass toys. What about sex toy cleaner?
Although washing towels and water with soap and water is fine in many cases, you can also buy a special sex toy cleaner.

In addition, do not put toy cleaner directly on the genitals. Avoid using bleach and toxic cleaning agents. Remember, the vulva is extremely absorbent, and you don’t want to bleach anywhere nearby

Can I wash toys in the dishwasher? What about boiling water?
"Just like in a big city, you want to avoid putting anything unsafe in the dishwasher. These things are vibrators and lots of plastic." "The same goes for boiling toys, which can melt and heat most materials. "

How about cleaning sex toys with ultraviolet light?
If you are looking for a small tool that can help you complete the cleaning process, there are two types of UV sterilizers on the market: UVee and b-Vibe UV sterilizer bags. Finn says that both products are great, but there is a caveat: they will not be cleaned during disinfection.

We recommend that you still use a damp cloth to clean or wipe the toy after use, because ultraviolet rays can kill bacteria, but cannot remove body fluids or dust.

Can I use wet wipes to clean sex toys?
Yes, you can, but it is actually best to combine with other methods.
How should I store sex toys?

It can be said that the way of storing sex toys is as important as the way of cleaning them. If you clean the toy and then stick it with other dirty sex toys in the drawer, it will only absorb bacteria again. Therefore, it is very important to store toys in a box. If this is not the case, you can use a clean container with a lid, such as a zippered cosmetic bag or a Velcro sealed lid.

Although you may not have received sex toy cleaning or sex toy education, this is a key step to protect yourself and your partner. "Like any consumer product, you need to take care of it,"

Although it may not sound sexy, cleaning toys is essential.

How to clean your sex toys, according to three experts