Created on:2023-06-22 14:30

The advantage of PVC soft rubber is that it is cheap, bright in color, and can be quickly injection molded. Generally, PVC soft rubber has an odor and contains plasticizers. It is difficult for PVC soft rubber, an environmentally friendly material, to achieve super soft touch.

The chemical elements of silicone are silicon and oxygen, and do not contain toxic molecular structures of benzene rings. The crosslinking agent of silicone is usually also an environmentally friendly variety. Therefore, silicone is a very environmentally friendly soft material. For a long time, silicone has been a soft material commonly used in the production of sex toys. The hardness of the silicone used for adult toys can be adjusted from 0 to 20A. The disadvantage of silicone is that the molding cycle is relatively long, the raw materials cannot be recycled and reused, and the price is relatively expensive.
TPE/TPR. TPE is an environmentally friendly soft material. Its components, SEBS and operating oil, do not contain plasticizers and can pass ROHS. The hardness of TPE can be adjusted to be softer than silicone, which is an ideal raw material for the production of adult products for men. Because of the operating oil, some formulas of TPE adult products may feel a little sticky and have a certain smell. They are highly transparent and can be used repeatedly. The price is cheaper than silicone.

The difference and connection between silicone, TPE and PVC